Happy Holidays!

Although 2023 has been a turbulent year for many people, we’re very grateful for all the amazing things that have happened to us, with the re-release of the Palomine album by Matador Records and the two “30th Palomine birthday" shows @ Paradiso and Tivoli. We’d like to thank all of you, because your love & support in the past 32 years means so much to us. May 2024 be a good one for everyone, filled with lots of love, laughter, friendship, joy & of course music. We hope to see you all again soon!

Much love from all the Betties

When Betty Became Bettie

In the past 31 years many people have asked us how & when we started our band. After noticing a lot of stories on the internet about us that are not true, we thought this would be the ideal moment to set things right, 30 years after releasing our debut album Palomine. This is our history from 1982 till 1993, this is the story of Bettie Serveert.

X, the Betties

Happy Holidays from all the Betties!

Watch the message from the band!

30 years of Bettie Serveert

30 years ago we started our band Bettie Serveert & to celebrate this occasion our fanclub is giving away a free mp3 download each month to those of you who joined our ‘newsletter’! You can join by subscribing here: uts@puntnul.nl

Thanks to all of you for your love & support throughout all these years! X, the Betties

(Btw, if you missed the previous free downloads, you can find them at our soundcloud.

Staying safe!

Hi there! We hope you’re staying safe in these surreal times. We love all of you, no matter who you are or where you come from!

X, the Betties

(photo by Bart Matthias)

Damaged Good pink vinyl

For those of you who are interested: there are still some copies left of our American limited pink vinyl LP of Damaged Good and you can find them here.

Brand new single: Say You Will

Bettie's new single will be released friday October 6. Just like 'Never Be Over', 'Say You Will' is a coproduction of the betties together with Prof. Nomad (aka Bartel Bartels), Stephan van der Meijden and Patrick van Herrikhuyzen. This time together with 2 guest-singers, Laura Estévez & Anna de Beus. A video of the song will follow soon!

New album: Damaged Good

Betties new album, Damaged Good, will be released October 28. The vinyl version will be available one week later, November 4.

Bettie Serveert plays Palomine & Other Favorites at the Paradiso in Amsterdam on Friday 22 September

Thanks to all of you who have supported us for more than 31 years! We’re still overwhelmed by the massive response regarding the Matador announced release of our 30th Anniversary LP, we had no idea that so many people would be interested.

These days we all have ‘day-jobs’, which means we can’t afford to do tours abroad & mainly play in the Netherlands.

But we ARE doing 1 show - called ‘Bettie Serveert plays Palomine & Other Favorites’ - at the Paradiso in Amsterdam on Friday 22 September!

This ticket-link will be active on Friday 3 Febr 11AM Amsterdam time.

We hope to see you there!

X, the Betties

Palomine release by Matador

We’re so happy & proud to announce that our debut album Palomine will see its first pressing by Matador since the original release in 1993! The limited transparent orange vinyl + bonus 7” will be out on June 23 as part of the Matador ‘Revisionist History’, you can find all the links here:

X, the Betties

For All We Know (acoustic ’93 + vocals only ’93)

Starting today, two previously unreleased versions of 'For All We Know' will be available by streaming services like Spotify.

Being big Carpenter-fans, the band was asked to record a cover version of the song For All We Know for the ’94 If I Were a Carpenter tribute album.
Before going into the studio with the whole band, singer Carol van Dyk and drummer Berend Dubbe made an acoustic demo version in ’93 at Berend's home-studio to see if the song would match their voices. These cassette tape recordings have never officially been released before. 

Bettie Serveert plays VENUS IN FURS

Hi there!

In 1997 we did some tribute shows of the Velvet Underground in the Netherlands with Berend Dubbe on drums & our last show at the Paradiso in Amsterdam was recorded and released in ’98 as a limited edition cd called: ’Bettie Serveert plays VENUS IN FURS and other Velvet Underground songs'. To our surprise we recently found 4 extra songs which were not on the original cd: ‘Here She Comes Now’, ‘Guess I’m Falling In Love’, ‘Run, Run, Run’ and ‘There She Goes Again’.

On Nov 27th ’19, exactly 22 years after that last Paradiso show, the entire remastered album including the 4 extra tracks will be released on all streaming media sites. This digital release is for those of you who didn’t get a chance to hear the recordings or see our shows. For those of you who do have the original cd, there are 4 extra songs you might like.

We hope you’ll enjoy it! X, the Betties

25 Years of Bettie Serveert

To everyone who has supported us over the past 25 years: we love all of you, no matter who you are or where you come from!

Our new album is a "Benelux-only" release, but for those living abroad, the CD & LP can be found on our official web-store, which is run by our fanclub.

Thank you for all your sweet messages, we see them all and try to answer them as much as possible. We would love to do shows in your countries! In a perfect world, we would be able to quit our day-jobs & have enough money to tour all over the globe. Hopefully some day we will :)

X, de Betties

New single: Never Be Over

Betties brand new single, Never Be Over, is available (a.o.) at the iTunes Store.


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