Gelderse TOP 100

At Omroep Gelderlands website you can vote for your favourite songs to enter the Gelderse Top 100. Already 4 bettie-songs have been nominamted. You can vote for these songs ('Never Be Over', 'Ray Ray Rain', 'Had2Byou' and 'Love & Learn'), but you can also add your any other of your favourite bettie songs if you like. Vote!

Record Store Day 2017

North Carolina based indie retail store and label Schoolkids Records announced today that our album ‘Damaged Good’ will be released as part of the 10th Annual Record Store Day on April 22nd! This exclusive limited edition (1000 Copies) transparent magenta Vinyl LP (beautiful gate-fold packaging) will include a digital download and full CD. This version of the LP will only be available in North America. You can find more info here.

New album: Damaged Good

Betties new album, Damaged Good, will be released October 28. The vinyl version will be available one week later, November 4.

Brand new single: Say You Will

Bettie's new single will be released friday October 6. Just like 'Never Be Over', 'Say You Will' is a coproduction of the betties together with Prof. Nomad (aka Bartel Bartels), Stephan van der Meijden and Patrick van Herrikhuyzen. This time together with 2 guest-singers, Laura Estévez & Anna de Beus. A video of the song will follow soon!

25 Years of Bettie Serveert

To everyone who has supported us over the past 25 years: we love all of you, no matter who you are or where you come from!

Our new album is a "Benelux-only" release, but for those living abroad, the CD & LP can be found on our official web-store, which is run by our fanclub.

Thank you for all your sweet messages, we see them all and try to answer them as much as possible. We would love to do shows in your countries! In a perfect world, we would be able to quit our day-jobs & have enough money to tour all over the globe. Hopefully some day we will :)

X, de Betties

New single: Never Be Over

Betties brand new single, Never Be Over, is available (a.o.) at the iTunes Store.

Limited Palomine vinyl rerelease

Celebrating the 60th birthday of Recordstore Concerto, Concerto Records released its first vinyl album: a 500 copies limited edition Palomine rerelease on orange vinyl, with a bonus 7"-single containing Brain tag, Get the Bird / Smile. It's the first time ever vinyl-release of this album in the Netherlands! You can order directly from Concerto Records.


Pagefestival (Stadskanaal, NL)

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